Help for Catalina de la Cruz and her Family

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Adam Coon and I are writing to you all on behalf of a good friend and colleague whose name is likely familiar to many of you – Catalina de la Cruz Cruz. She has tutored and helped many of us with the Nahuatl language and she now needs our help. You can read the text below for more detail. In short, Catalina’s daughter, Katya, has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and they need to raise some funds to pay for the required surgery. Adam and I can promise you two things: 1) The PayPal account listed below is owned and operated by Catalina. Due to limitations with GoFundMe, it is easier for Catalina to receive donations via PayPal. 2) To respect your inboxes, we will not spam the list with more emails about this situation. You can contact Catalina, Adam (, or me for updates.


Katya needs 70,000 MXN for her surgery, so far she has raised 15,000 MXN, you can donate via paypal by sending money to Catalina at


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Here is a letter from Catalina:

Hola, mi nombre es Katya C. Rangel. Tengo 1 año y 4 meses y vivo en Zacatecas, México. Hace unos días, cuando mis padres notaron que me estaba costando caminar, me llevaron al médico y me diagnosticaron displasia de cadera. Para que yo pueda caminar sin problemas, necesito ser operada mínimo en un mes y máximo en dos. Para la operación se necesitan 70,000 MXN (3,693 USD). Es por eso que pido de su apoyo para que ayuden a mis padres a juntar el dinero. Les agradezco de corazón y gracias por su apoyo.

Si le gustaría apoyarme, por favor mande cualquier cifra a por PayPal.

Hello, my name is Katya C. Rangel. I am 16 months old and I live in Zacatecas, Mexico. Recently my parents noticed that I had a hard time walking, so they took me to the doctor. I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. For me to be able to enjoy a life with full mobility, I need to have surgery within the next 1-2 months. The surgery and aftercare will cost 70,000 MXN (3,693USD). It is for this reason that I am asking for your support in helping my parents raise funds for this life changing procedure. I thank you with all of my heart for your kindness and support.


If you would like to donate, please send any amount to via PayPal

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