Recent News on the Codex Xolotl Project

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The Codex Xolotl project continues to progress with the acquisition of best
in the world images of Codex Xolotl and other example of indigenous graphic
expression at the Bibliotheque Nationale, France.

Dr. Antonino Cosentino has been an invaluable resource in acquiring these

We especially thank Laurent Hericher of the BnF for his understanding,
enthusiasm, and sacrifice.  I should also point out that the Houston Museum
of Natural Science has generously provided funding for this project from its
curatorial research fund.

We hope to have a definitive photographic edition (paper and electronic) of
the Codex Xolotl out within two years, with articles from many of the
project members.

People interested in collaborative work on the Codex Xolotl, Mapa Tlotzin,
Mapa Quinatzin and Codex en Croix (Cruz), can contact me off list.

The last edition of the Codex Xolotl dates back to 1951, with essentially
only a re-edition in 1980, with the addition of very poor quality color
photos in the copies I have been able to consult.  It seems time for a new

Thank you,

Jerry Offner
Associate Curator for Northern Mesoamerica
Houston Museum of Natural Science