Searching for a Master's Thesis topic

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Dear scholars of Nahuatl,

I am a linguistics student at the University of Vienna, preparing to write her Master's Thesis. I wrote my Bachelor thesis and semester papers on Nahuatl (morphology and typology), and apart from great enthusiasm, I have a basic knowledge of the language (I took a Nahuatl class at the Free University of Berlin).

I was wondering if any of you have any topic that you've considered but could not execute due to a lack of time - I would be happy to work on it as my Master's Thesis. I prefer to work on morphology, historical change or typology, but I am open to any topic. I have some ideas for a thesis, but If I could make a contribution to (a publishable, also online) research with my work, no matter how small - I would be very happy.

I also take this opportunity to share a question on Mexican languages in general.

In 2013, I did a small student conference talk on the topic of clusivity in Mexican languages - my goal was to collect data of the kind of information that is available for WALS (, but in more detail for Mexico.

I started by using the INALI's list of languages (, but I had some problems locating some languages, and for some it wasn't clear to me what language is being referred to on the list.

Do you have any information on how reliable INALI's list is, and how well it reflects the actual status of indigenous languages in Mexico?

best greetings from Vienna,

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