A listing of instrumental nouns

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From: Joe Campbell <campbel@indiana.edu>

Date: May 14, 2017

Nocnihuan of the Northeast persuasion,


   Attending the Yale Nahuatl meetings is always instructive, motivational, and

enjoyable.  And that is added to by the highway seminars with Galen,

John, and Pablo, on that long academic space between Indy, Buffalo,

Morgantown, and New Haven.


   One topic of interest that popped up at the Ohio - Indiana state

line was that of instrumental nouns.  I attach a list sifted from

Molina's three dictionaries and the Florentine Codex.  I apologize

for the format sloppiness. 


   b. = book in the FC

   f. = my file number

   p. = Dibble and Aanderson page number


   55m  =  Molina, 1555

   71m1 =  Molina, 1571, Spanish-Nahuatl

   71m2 =  Molina, 1571, Nahuatl-Spanish


   Prefixes follow the main entry; original spelling is given in

parentheses.  I confess that there are still some missing y's in

the respelling, but one is still not perfect (or even preterit).






*ya1 ***


  ahcoquizaya , n[o]- (nacoquj‡aia).  my exaltation. <poss-ahco-qui:za-

    ya1>. b.6 f.1 p.9|


  anaya , ine- (ineanaia).  her waist band. <poss-p53-a:na1-ya1>. b.2

    f.8 p.138|


  atliya =to (t[o]atlia).  bigotes; bigotes dela barba; bozo de barua.

    <poss-a:tl1-i:1-ya1>. 55m-2|


  caquiya , motla- (motlacaquja).  your hearing organ. <poss-p51-caqui-

    ya1>. b.6 f.10 p.122|


  cetiliaya =note (notecetiliaya).  el medio que tengo para hazer de dos

    cosas vna, juntando las ambas a dos. <poss-p52-cem-v01a-caus04-ya1>.



  ceyaya =no (nociaya).  mi voluntad o querer. <poss-ceya-ya1 +e>i

    +del.y>. 71m2-12|


  ceyaya =to (tociaya).  nuestra voluntad, o querer. <poss-ceya-ya1 +e>i

    +del.y>. 71m2-25|


  chichihuaya , intla- (intlachichioaia).  their tools for ornamenting.

    <poss-p51-dupl-chi:hua-ya1>. b.9 f.7 p.91|


  cochiya =to (tocochia).  las pesta¤as; pesta¤a. <poss-cochi-ya1

    +del.y>. 71m2-4|


  cochiyatl (cochiatl).  las pesta¤as; pesta¤a. <cochi-ya1-tl +del.y>.



  cohuaya , itla- (itlacoaia).  his means of buying. <poss-p51-co:hua-

    ya1 +del.w>. b.3 f.1 p.9|


  cuauhquechtlahuilanaya =cuacuahuehqueh in (cuacuahuehqueh

    incuauhquechtlahuilanaya).  yugo para u¤ir; yugo para v¤ir; yugo

    para v¤ir bueyes. <cua:itl-cuahuitl-e:1-prt4-plur14 poss-cuahuitl-

    quechtli-p51-huila:na-ya1 +ev.verb.21 +phrase.poss +phrase>. 55m-



  cuaya , intla- (jntlaquaia).  their dishes. <poss-p51-cua:-ya1>. b.1

    f.3 p.49|


  cuaya , ite- (itequaia).  its mouth, its means of devouring people;

    its organ for eating people. <poss-p52-cua:-ya1 +min>. b.11 f.1



  cuaya , totla- (totlaquaia).  our place for eating. <poss-p51-cua:-

    lo:2-ya1>. b.10 f.6 p.107a|


  elimiquiya =cuacuahueh i (cuacuahueh ielimiquia).  arado; reja de

    arado. <cua:itl-cuahuitl-e:1-prt4 poss-e:limiqui-ya1 +del.y +reverse

    +phrase.poss +phrase>. 71m1-022|


  huelmatiya =totla (totlahuelmatia).  el sentido del gusto. <poss-p51-

    huel1-mati-ya1 +del.y>. 71m2-26|


  huitequiya , itla- (itlaujtequja).  its beak. <poss-p51-hui:tequi-ya1>.

    b.2 f.5 p.94|


  [i]czaya , itla- (jtlac‡aia).  his walking staff. <poss-p51-icza-ya1>.

    b.1 f.2 p.43|


  [i]czaya , totla- (totlac‡aia).  our pressing place. <poss-p51-icza-

    ya1>. b.10 f.7 p.122b|


  iczaya =totla (totla[i]czaya).  la planta del pie; pata o planta del

    pie; planta del pie. <poss-p51-icza-ya1>. 71m2-26|


  iczayatl =tla (tla[i]czayatl) [scribal error: ??note unusual

    absolutive on the -ya suffix: 55m].  pata o planta del pie. <p51-

    icza-ya1-tl>. 55m-15|


  ihnecuiya =totla (totla[i]hnecuiya).  el sentido del oler. <poss-p51-

    ihnecui-ya1 +del.y>. 71m2-26|


  ixtlahuaya =notla (notla[i]xtlahuaya).  paga, lo que doy para pagar lo

    que deuo. <poss-p51-ixtla:hui-v09-ya1>. 71m1-162|


  mahpilhuiaya =tote (totemahpilhuiaya).  dedo con que mostramos algo;

    el dedo con que mostramos; o se¤alamos algo. <poss-p52-ma:itl-pilli-

    v05b-ya1>. 55m-4|


  mapatlaya , ine- (inemapatlaia).  her defense. <poss-p53-ma:itl-patla1-

    ya1>. b.2 f.10 p.158|


  matiya , tone- (tonematia).  our sense of feeling. <poss-p53-mati-ya1>.

    b.10 f.8 p.135a|


  matocaya =totla (totlamatocaya).  el sentido del palpar. <poss-p51-

    ma:itl-toca2-ya1>. 71m2-26|


  maya , itla- (jtlamaia).  its mouth. <poss-p51-ma:1-ya1>. b.11 f.1



  minaya =xicohtli ite (xicohtli iteminaya).  aguijon de aueja; aguijon

    de abeja. <xi:cohtli poss-p52-mi:tl-v14-caus09-ya1 +phrase.poss

    +phrase>. 55m-002|


  namiquiya , inte- (intenamjquja).  their greeting [gift], their means

    of greeting. <poss-p52-na:miqui-ya1>. b.12 f.1 p.13|


  nehnemiya , i[n]- (inenemja).  their means of traveling. <poss-dupl-

    nemi-ya1>. b.1 f.2 p.41|


  nelohuaya , itla- (jtlanelooaia).  its rower. <poss-p51-nelihui-caus06-

    ya1 +insert.w>. b.11 f.6 p.58|


  nemanahuiaya =no (nonemanahuiaya) [scribal error: ??molina spells

    these two words the same; i have separated them: 71m2].  mi amparo,

    o defensa, mis armas, o mi mierda. <poss-p53-ma:nahuia:1-ya1

    +merge>. 71m2-12|


  nequiya =totla (totlanequia).  nuestra voluntad, o querer. <poss-p51-

    nequi-ya1 +del.y>. 71m2-26|


  ohtlatocaya , i- (ivtlatocaia).  his wherewithal for the journey.

    <poss-ohtli-p51-toca2-ya1 +fusion>. b.4 f.2 p.17|


  ohtlatocaya , i- (iotlatocaia).  his trail rations, his means of

    living on the road. <poss-ohtli-p51-toca2-ya1 +fusion>. b.4 f.12



  ohtlatocaya , im- (jmotlatocaia).  their means of traveling. <poss-

    ohtli-p51-toca2-ya1 +fusion>. b.1 f.2 p.41|


  papatlaya , ine- (ynepapatlaia).  his turn. <poss-p53-dupl-patla1-

    ya1>. b.2 f.3 p.80|


  patlania , i- (ipatlania).  its fin. <poss-patla:ni-ya1>. b.9 f.6



  patlania , i- (jpatlanja).  its place of flight, its means of flying;

    its swimmer; its fin. <poss-patla:ni-ya1>. b.11 f.6 p.55|


  polihuiya , i- (jpolivia).  his destruction. <poss-polihui-ya1

    +del.y>. b.6 f.2 p.26|


  teliczaya , totla- (totlatelic‡aia).  our kicking places. <poss-p51-

    tel?-icza-ya1>. b.10 f.7 p.127a|


  temoya , i- (itemoia).  his way of coming down, his path of coming

    down. <poss-temo:-ya1>. b.2 f.14 p.240|


  tenamiquiya , amo- (amotenamjquja).  your [pl.] greeting [gift], your

    [pl.] means of greeting. <poss-p52-na:miqui-ya1>. b.12 f.1 p.15|


  tlacaanaya , ite- (itetlacaanaia).  his way of hunting people; its

    organ for hunting people. <poss-p52-tla:catl-a:na1-ya1>. b.11 f.7



  tlachiyaya , i- (ytlachiaia).  his device for seeing. <poss-tlachiya-

    ya1 +del.y +ret.y>. b.1 f.2 p.34|


  tlaczaya , totla- (totlatlac‡aia).  our pressing places. <poss-dupl-

    p51-icza-ya1>. b.10 f.8 p.135a|


  tlahpaloaya , inte- (jntetlapaloaia).  their greetings; their

    greeting. <poss-p52-tlahpalli-v03a-caus06-ya1>. b.4 f.9 p.88|


  tlahuanaya , in- (intlaoanaia).  their drinking vessel. <poss-

    tla:hua:na-ya1>. b.4 f.11 p.118|


  tlahuelcuiya , to- (totlauelcuja).  our anger. <poss-tlahue:lli-cui-

    ya1>. b.10 f.8 p.131b|


  tlahuelnamiquia =note= (tlahuelnamiquia =note=).  mi contencion o

    contradicion, con que contra digo y peleo contra otros. <tlahue:lli-

    na:miqui-ya1>. 71m2-25|


  tlahuilanaya =cuacuahuehqueh in (cuacuahuehqueh intlahuilanaya). yugo

    para u¤ir; yugo para v¤ir; yugo para v¤ir bueyes. <cua:itl-cuahuitl-

    e:1-prt4-plur14 poss-p51-huila:na-ya1 +ev.verb.21 +phrase.poss

    +phrase>. 55m-12|


  tlailnamiquiya =to (totla[i]lnamiquia).  memoria. <poss-p51-illi-

    na:miqui-ya1 +del.y>. 55m-13|


  tlaliaya , tone- (tonetlaliaia).  our sitting place. <poss-p53-

    tla:lia:-ya1>. b.10 f.7 p.122b|


  tlatoloaya =no= (tlatoloaya =no=).  mi tragadero o gaznate. <p51-

    to:loa:-ya1>. 71m2-24|


  tlatzihuiya , i- (itlatzivia).  his aversion. <poss-tlatzihui-ya1>. b.6

    f.13 p.154|


  tzatzahtziya =to= (tzatzahtzia =to=).  la olla dela garganta, o el

    gritadero. <dupl-tzahtzi-ya1 +del.y>. 71m2-26|


  tzopaya , i- (itzopaia).  her weaving stick. <poss-tzopi--ya1>. b.2

    f.8 p.138|


  yoliya =te (teyolia).  alma o anima; anima de alguno; anima o alma; el

    alma; o anima. <poss-yo:lli-v11-ya1 +ret.y +del.y>. 55m-002|


  yoliya =to (toyolia).  alma, o anima; anima o alma. <poss-yo:lli-v11-

    ya1 +del.y>. 71m2-25|


  yoliya icocoliz =to (toyolia icocoliz).  passion del anima; passion de

    anima. <poss-yo:lli-v11-ya1 poss-cocoya-delya-liz +del.y

    +phrase.poss +phrase>. 55m-15|