David Stuart on the Sun Stone

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August 18, 6:00 PM ET
Boundary End Center Live Stream
It will be on YouTube 

"Time, Space and History on the Aztec Sun Stone”


Dr. David Stuart will offer a new vision of the monument that goes beyond the well-established solar interpretations, placing it in a specific historical and physical context. The Aztec Sun Stone or “Calendar Stone” is an iconic artwork, and one of the oldest subjects of study by Mesoamerican scholars since its surprise discovery in 1790. During this livestream Stuart will present the design as a grouping of numerous embedded and layered Nahuatl hieroglyphs with both mythical and historical meanings.

Taken together they lead to a new view of the Sun Stone as a personalized statement of rulership and cosmic identity, presenting the visage of the deified Mexica ruler Moteczomah II at the center of time and space.

This talk is based on Stuart’s recent book King and Cosmos: An Interpretation of the Aztec Calendar Stone. 


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J. F. Schwaller

Editor, H-Nahuatl