Tentative Schedule - Northeastern Group of Nahuatl Scholars

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Association of Nahuatl Scholars Conference


April 22-24

And via zoom

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Contact nahuatlconference@gmail.com for further details



Sponsored by the "Moses Mesoamerican Archive" at the Peabody Museum, thanks to David Carrasco




Tozzer Building, Room 203,

Harvard University

21 Divinity Ave.

Cambridge, MA


(All times are Eastern Daylight Time, and are subject to change)


A registration fee will be charged.  Zoom participants will be asked for a donation.


Friday, April 22, 2022


9:00     Registration opens


9:30     Welcome and introductions


10:00   Katarzyna Szoblik, “’Dove Song’ (Cococuicatl) – a new interpretation.”


10:30   Julia Madajczak, “Nothing that is Human: The Nezahualiztli Practice among the Pre-Hispanic Nahua”


11:00   Agnieszka Brylak, “The blue waters, the yellow waters, or on cleansing and governorship among the pre-Hispanic Nahua”


11:30   Ezekiel Stear, “Gathering Strength: Chichahualiztli and Paths Ahead in the Huastecan Story ‘Chicomexochitl huan Tenantzitzimitl’”


12:00   Lunch


13:00   Katarzyna Mikulska, “As meaningful as tiny. ‘Property qualifiers’ encoded in the images from Central Mexican divinatory codices”


13:30   D. Atekpatzin Young, “Motonalcauhqui: Conceptualizing Trauma in the Aztec Cosmology” (Zoom)


14:00   Kurly Tlapoyawa, “Tlachieloni, naked-eye astronomy, and the Ochoa-Nuttall calendar correlation”


14:30   Document Session (45 minutes)– Gordon Whittaker “Nahuatl glyphs”


15:30   Special viewing of colonial Mesoamerican manuscripts from Tozzer Library (Susan Gilman)



Saturday, April 23, 2022


Breakfast for participants


8:30     Registration opens


9:00     Albert Davletshin, “Nahuatl Hieroglyphic Scribal Schools of the Early Colonial Period and Affiliation of the ‘Codex en Cruz’”


9:30     Joshua Fitzgerald, “’The House That Eats People’”: Parsing Nahuatl Architecture, Traumatized Place-Identity, and Zoomorphography of the Spanish Invasion.”


10:00   Andrew Laird, “The earliest text in Latin by a Nahuatl speaker? Context and authorship of Verba sociorum Domini Petri Tlacauepantzi (1541).”


10:30   Ben Leeming,  “Sahagún’s Red Pen: The 1563 edits of the 1540 Siguense unos sermones de dominicas y de santos en lengua Mexicana.


11:00 BREAK


11:15   Mario Alberto Sánchez Aguilera, “Intertextualidad en la obra sahaguntina: los sermones y el Manual del Christiano.” (zoom)


11:45   Timothy W. Knowlton and Obed Lira, “A Stylometric Comparison of Sixteenth-Century Nahuatl Song Corpora”


12:15 LUNCH


13:00   Molly H. Bassett, “Unwrapping Images: The Eagle on the Nopal” 


13:30   Heungtae Yang, “We were Precortesian Conquistadores: A New Persepective on ‘Leyenda de los Soles’”


14:00   Veronica Rodriguez, “The Massacre of Mexica Warriors in the Toxcatl’s Festival in the Florentine Codex and Sahagún’s 1585 revision of the Conquest of México”


14:30   David Tavarez, “Ancient Wisdom and Nahua Truths in the Proverbs of Solomon”


15:00   Katarzyna Granicka & Justyna Olko, “The Nahuas Challenge the Spanish Crown. Anti-oppressive strategies in Nahuatl-language petitions”


15:30   José Estrada, “Don Bartolomé de Alva’s Nahuatl entremés in Context”


16:00   Document Session – Joe Campbell assisted by John Sullivan


17:00   END OF DAY



Sunday, April 24, 2022


Breakfast for participants



9:00     Javier Eduardo Ramírez López, “Del estante del Museo Nacional a la biblioteca privada: el Libro de cargo y descargo del Imperial Colegio de Tlatelolco”


9:30     Magnus Pharao Hansen, “A Look at Nahuatl in Historical Comparative Perspective”


10:00   Frances Karttunen, “Different Approaches to Nahuatl Dictionary-Making”


10:30   Document Session – John Sullivan


11:30   Herlinda Márquez Mora and Gregory Haimovich, “‘Folk’ Illnesses in Nahuatl: Evidence from the Study of Indigenous Medicine in Sierra Norte de Puebla”


12:00   Benjamin Salinas, “Nahuatl Flow: The Poetics of Identity in rap originario”


12:30   Close of conference – announcement, door prize raffle (among those physically present)


Box lunches to go