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Episode 5: William Domnarski


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Most individuals who have touched legal scholarship even briefly have been introduced to the prolific writings of Richard Posner, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and great force behind the law and economics movement.

Episode 4: Al Brophy


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Episode 3-Sara L. Crosby


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In this episode I talk with Associate Professor of English at The Ohio State University at Marion, Sara L. Crosby about her new book, Poisonous Muse: The Female Poisoner and the Framing of Popular Authorship in Jacksonian America. Crosby discusses how the trope of the female poisoner permeated popular literature in the mid-nineteenth century.

Episode 2 - Samantha Barbas


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In her new book “Laws of Image: Privacy and Publicity in America,” Samantha Barbas provides a history of Americans’ use of law to manage their public image.

Episode 1 - Mary Ziegler


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From: Siobhan Barco

In this podcast I talk with Mary Ziegler, Stearns Weaver Miller Professor of Law at Florida State University College of Law about her book, “After Roe: The Lost History of the Abortion Debate.”