DEADLINE APPROACHING: CFP The Many 14th Amendments

The U.S. Civil War from 1861-1865 resulted in a forging of a second constitution that in time transformed the structures of American governance. With the passage of the Fourteenth Amendment, the nation recast the relationship between the state and subordinated people. This revolutionary amendment created a national citizenship, set terms for southern states to reenter the union, codified new powers for the federal government, and spurred an enduring struggle for due process and equality under law that continues until today. The Fourteenth Amendment has no single legacy.

graduate student needs help with Buenos Aires court records

I'm currently in Buenos Aires trying to locate trial transcripts from a 1930 criminal court case as part of my dissertation project about the ties between Jewish prostitution and the Argentine Yiddish theatres. I'm struggling to navigate the Argentine court system and am looking to consult with someone with experience in this arena.


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