ASLH Prize Announcement: The William Nelson Cromwell Foundation Research Grants

The William Nelson Cromwell Foundation generously funds research grants for early career and senior scholars.  This year they funded 11 early career grants and 2 senior grants.  The recipiants of these grants were:

Early Career Grants:

--Evelyn Atkinson

--Faith Barter

--Hunter Harris

--Brandon Jett

--Julia Lewandowski

--Allison Madar

--Scott Macdowell

--Jennifer Morgan

--Joshua Mound

--Daniel Platt

--Emily Prifogle


Senior Grants:

--Kate Elizabeth Brown

ASLH Prize Announcement: The William Nelson Cromwell Foundation Prizes

The William Nelson Cromwell Foundation funds three prizes at the ASLH.  One for an article, one for a dissertation and a book award.  The winners of the 2017 Cromwell Foundation prizes for 2017 were:


Sara Mayeux’s “What Gideon Did,” 116 Columbia Law Review 15 (2016).



Maeve Herbert Glass for her dissertation “These United States: A History of the Fracturing of America.” 

As the Committee explained: 

ASLH Award Announcement: Sutherland Prize

The Sutherland Prize was awarded to Professor Paul Brand, for his article ‘Judges and Juries in Civil Litigation in Later Medieval England: The Millon Thesis Reconsidered’, 37 Journal of Legal History (2016), 1-40.

The Committee prize committee also unanimously recommended that honourable mention be made of Professor Tim Hitchcock and Professor William J. Turkel’s article ‘The Old Bailey Proceedings, 1674-1913: Text Mining for Evidence of Court Behavior’, 34 Law and History Review (2016), 929-955.


As the prize committee explianed::

Stanford Center for Law and History Graduate Student Paper Prize

The Stanford Center for Law and History invites paper submissions from graduate students for its first annual conference, “Legal Histories of Policing and Surveillance.” SCLH’s goal is to bring together faculty, postdocs, and students for workshops, conferences, and lectures examining the relationships between law and history, broadly defined. 


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