Conference Announcement: Reacting to the Past

  Title: Register for the Reacting to the Past Regional Conference
       at Schreiner University (Kerrville, TX) April 25-27
    Location: Texas
    Date: 2014-04-25
    Description: The Trial of Anne Hutchinson: Liberty, Law, and
       Intolerance in Puritan New England and Victory or Death! The
       Consultation of 1835 and the Texas War for Independence will
       both be featured at the Reacting to the Past Regional
       Conference at Schreiner University (Kerrville, Texas), April
       25-27, 2014. Re ...

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Ben Butler's Woman Order and prostitution

when Ben Butler got mad at confederate women for dumping stuff on union soldiers in New Orleans during the civil war, he announced they would be treated like prostitutes in General Order #28

What exactly did that mean? What exactly where they threatened with?  . Prostitution was legal, wasn't it? So long as done in the red light district etc?  


In memoriam Jonathan Schell (1943-2014), author of THE TIME OF ILLUSION

On 26 March 2014, THE NEW YORK TIMES published an obituary for the journalist Jonathan Schell, who died of cancer at the age of 70 on 25 March.  Schell was best known for his writing for THE NEW YORKER, including his first two books, on the Vietnam Conflict, THE VILLAGE OF BEN SUC and THE MILITARY HALF, and for his series of books on nuclear weapons, beginning with THE FATE OF THE EARTH.

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