Information on Potomac School of Law in Washington DC (ca. 1975-1981)

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I'm wondering if anyone could point me toward information regarding the Potomac School of Law in Washington, DC, which operated (apparently without ABA accreditation?) from approximately 1975 to 1981. My research thus far has yielded only a smattering of Washington Post articles, including two from 1981 documenting the school's demise. I've read that it might have had some relationship with the now-defunct Antioch Law School, but I have seen no evidence of this.  Any guidance would be most helpful!

The Potomac Law School was not ABA accredited. It was located on the ground floor level in the Watergate complex on Virginia Avenue. I believe that it had only a part-time evening program, because there never seemed to be any students around during the day. (I practiced law at a law firm also located in the Watergate complex and so I walked past the Potomac Law School several times a week.)

I feel certain that it had no connection to Antioch Law School. Antioch was affiliated with a college in Ohio, was ABA approved, and had its campus on 16th Street. The Antioch Law School struggled financially and it would not have made any sense for it to be trying to operate another struggling law school.

When George Mason University decided to open a law school in approximately 1980, I believe that it acquired an existing law school and converted that existing law school into the George Mason University School of Law. (The GMU law school is now named after the late Justice Antonin Scalia.) I seem to recall that the law school that it acquired was called the International Law School or something like that. But it is conceivable that some of the assets or employees of Potomac may have been folded into the GMU law school. This was a long time ago and my memory about GMU's origins is hazy.

I would be curious what the Washington Post articles said about its demise. Maybe they will indicate that there was no connection with GMU..

Ken Vandevelde

There were four issues - 2 in 1978 and 2 in 1979 of the Potomac Law Review. Or it may have been Potomac Law Journal - the issues would be on Hein Online.

Georgia Chadwick

Dear Mr. Prince,

I have been in touch with someone at the William S. Hein Company and they do have some information. Hein Company or it predecessor The Fred Rothman Company would know about the law library and what happened it when Potomac was part of a bankruptcy suit.

I probably know some Wash DC law librarians who many remember something.

Georgia Chadwick

Dear Mr. Prince,

Mr. Kevin Marmion at the William S. Hein Company has some additional information on the Potomac Law School and he will be happy to share it with you. You may contact him through the company website were his email is listed -

Georgia Chadwick