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Hello all! This is a general call for contributors and columnists for the Cato Institute’s, where I am the Editor for History. We are accepting contributions on a wide range of subjects touching the history of classical liberalism and radical libertarianism, from straightforward political and intellectual history to individualist cultural and social history. We place no limitations on time period or geographical location, though we do have a particular interest in expanding our coverage of non-western history.

We do pay negotiated rates per published item, though the scale slides depending on the candidate, the frequency of contributions, and the type of article published. It would make a perfect opportunity to publish something that just does not quite fit into a journal submission; something you intended to post on a blog but would get more exposure on our website; testing ideas for larger projects; or for graduate students looking for financial support and an active, engaged audience for their ideas. Sustained contributions may also lead to book collections published under our imprint. It does not matter to us if you consider yourself a classical liberal or libertarian—we are much more concerned with accumulating high-quality scholarship for our very interested and informed readers and listeners.

Our articles usually come in two forms: 1) columns or essays focused on a single subject or argument. Columns or essays may either stand singly or they may be pieces in a short series. These are usually between 1,500 and 3,000 words. And 2) excerpts from primary source documents with short editor’s introductions. Again, these may be single pieces or parts of a series. With these, the edited documents are usually 2,000-3,000 words and the editor’s introductions are about 500-1,000 words.

Any interested parties are strongly encouraged to contact me personally at and to familiarize yourself with some of our content at

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