Call for papers, 2017, Prima Facie - Law, History, and Politics

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n. 33 -- Post-Colonial Theories, Education, and Human Rights
This call for papers seeks to add to the debate on the decolonial critique of Eurocentrism and encourage thought on the processes of silencing and erasure, within the context of colonial capitalism. Using theoretical and methodological perspectives, with input from knowledgeable scholars who prioritize the non-imperial South, this call aims to further the debate on the contributions of subaltern studies in education and human rights. Situated in the production of knowledge, both within and outside of Latin America, the call seeks to foster a decolonial conception of education and human rights, discussing the tensions and critical points of this idea. In this scenario, the key points are anti-colonial struggles and the rescue of the memories of subjected people, along with their resistance movements, projects, and ideas. The following questions are central to this process: what is the impact of decolonial criticism on the configuration of education and human rights projects? What are the new colonial arrangements in the territories of former colonies? How do they persist in matters such as social relations, education, and human rights, as well as in the exclusionary cartographies constructed in the so-called metropolitan societies, thereby reappearing from the colonial era in new ways? Prim@Facie journal invites jurists, political scientists, historians, sociologists, and other experts to submit their contributions on decolonial theories in education and human rights, both in and outside of Latin America. 
Deadline: 12 August 2017. Expected Publication date: 31 December 2017.