New Library Collection: the Hermann Kantorowicz Collection at the UMN Law Library

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The University of Minnesota Law Library and its Riesenfeld Rare Books Center are pleased to announce the creation of the Hermann Kantorowicz Collection, a significant collection of books and articles from the personal library of Hermann Kantorowicz (1877-1940), one of the twentieth century's most eminent legal theorists and scholars. Comprising over 1,850 titles from the sixteenth through twentieth centuries, the Kantorowicz Collection includes notable early modern works, and rare and important scholarship on medieval law, jurisprudence, criminal law and constitutional law, among other fields. Previously dispersed throughout the Law Library's collections, the titles from Kantorowicz's library have been identified and organized into a discrete collection in the Riesenfeld Center. 

The Kantorowicz Collection sheds particular light on the scholars and works with which Kantorowicz was engaged, as well as his own work, published during his career in Germany and at Oxford and Cambridge. Highlights include Kantorowicz's own annotated copy of Der Kampf um die Rechtswissenschaft (1906), his key contribution to jurisprudence; manuscript lecture notes from the mid-nineteenth century, inscribed to Kantorowicz by his friend Gustav Radbruch; Kantorowicz's marked (underlined) copy of Grotius's seminal De jure belli ac pacis (1651); and marked and unmarked copies of a broad range of important scholarship, with a focus on medieval Roman and canon law, the philosophy of law, and criminal law. Other items stand on their own, including a first edition of Hegel's Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts (1821), and a manuscript of student notes on Savigny's lectures on the Pandects. Taken together, the library of Hermann Kantorowicz is a valuable resource for study.

The Kantorowicz Collection is available for consultation in the Law Library's Riesenfeld Center, and the titles in the collection can be viewed and downloaded at this website:

For more on Kantorowicz's career and the formation of the Law Library's collection, please see the Riesenfeld Center's blog:

For further information, or an appointment for research, contact Ryan Greenwood, Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections (rgreenwo@umn.edu612-625-7323).