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Welcome to the first post on World Legal History Blog hosted by H-Law!  

The World Legal History Blog aims to explore the many facets of legal history throughout the world by focusing on themes such as legal pluralism, classification, jurisdiction, sovereignty, and territoriality. We will explore the challenges of conducting historical research in multiple languages in several archives throughout the world.  We will also discuss the challenges of crafting a historical narrative out of legal sources. Each week, we will have two blog posts by legal historians - ideally one focusing on a theme, and the other on a historical source of any kind. Suggestions for themes are always welcome. 

Guidelines for the blog

Blog contributors are encouraged to write posts which are 500 - 800 words long.  As a collaborative effort, the blog will foster discussion amongst legal historians who would otherwise not meet due to their respective geographic specializations. Contributors could also call attention to a particular archive and/or corpus of sources that would be useful to others. Contributors could also review books and articles on world legal history, and invite authors to respond. Contributors could start or engage in ongoing debates to be moderated by the editor. All queries and contributions should be emailed to the editor, Fadzilah Yahaya at The blog's twitter account could be found at Follow us to get blog updates. 

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