H-Celebration Bloggers

H-Celebration is currently seeking subscribers interested in writing in our new guest blogger project that focuses on different topics. Blog articles should be no longer than 1,000 words with strong scholarly writing and should employ effective use of evidence, objectivity, careful citation and the presence of a bibliography.

In our first topic we aim to understand the links between ‘Sport and Celebration’.

We would love to hear what you think about this little known area of study or perhaps there is more research on this area than we anticipated. How do different cultures celebrate their athletes winning i.e international games, olympics, etc? Is celebration after sporting activities only for the win or does it include the participation? Does sport celebration include embracing the labour that goes into sporting events? 

Interested? Email us at h.cel.net@gmail.com: cv or resume, current research interests, no more than 250 word proposal idea on sports and celebration, and when you anticipate sending your first draft. 

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