We welcome new members to our network.

By joining you will receive email notices about new content, and you will be eligible to post messages in our discussions. Depending on whether you have an account or not the following steps are necessary to join our network:

1. If you do not have an account, please visit and create one.

2. If you do have an account but haven't subscribed specifically to H-Celebration, log in, select H-Celebration from the list of networks at and click "subscribe" to request a subscription. Your membership request will be screened by an H-Celebration editor who will approve your application if your H-Net profile establishes your scholarly interests in Celebration, Festivals and Leisure studies. If your profile does not make this clear, the editor will contact you by email and ask you to comment briefly on your interest in our fields.

After your membership has been approved, you will be asked by email if you are interested in being added to our list of potential H-Celebration book reviewers. If you are, we will also ask you to identify the topics or subjects of books which you would be interested in reviewing.

Managing your Subscriptions – some helpful tips:

A) Are you getting too much mail? Here are some options to address that:
- Set your notifications to digest.
Click “manage your notifications” at the bottom of any notification, log in, and next to your H-Celebration subscription, choose “digest” from the drop-down.  Now you’ll get one daily file of discussion postings sent out around midnight Eastern time.
- Get RSS feeds.

At the bottom of our front page, there are RSS links to Discussions, Reviews and all posted content. You can use it with any web browser as well as an email program. Our colleagues from H-Sport put together some instructions as well as further tips, which can be accessed here.

B) Personalize your setup.
Underneath the silhouette in the top right corner is quick access to your settings:
Your profile
Networks – a list of networks you are subscribed to. Here you can also unsubscribe.
Notification settings – here you can decide for each network you are subscribed to if you want to get daily digested emails or individual emails on each posting
Your account - reset passwords, time zone, etc.
content – a summary of all of your submitted posts
Your MyHNet headquarters – an introduction on how to personalize your space is offered by the H-Net guide “Getting started with MyHNet.” If you have any questions please contact us via email at

We thank our colleagues from H-German for creating these instructions. Thank you.