Christmas Reading List

Welcome to H-Celebration's Christmas Reading List! The Christmas Reading List is a collection of bibliographic entries for works analyzing the history and practices of Christmas. The entries are organized below by Discipline, Subject, and Geographic location. 

This list is always growing, and if you know of a book or article related to Christmas, we would love to see it added. If you would like to add an entry, please follow these instructions: Go to H-Celebration's home page and click "Add a Discussion". For the discussion title, type the author's last name, first name, and title of the work, and then add the bibliographic entry in the body of the post. Then add keywords--as many as you think are relevant. Please include "Christmas List" as a keyword, as well as any of the keywords listed below. You are not limited to these. If you add a reading with a discipline, for example, not already referenced in this list, we will make a new section for it.

You are also invited to add commentary on any of the readings, which might include book reviews, annotations, responses, summaries, links... Some of the books on the list have been reviewed on H-Net over the years and those reviews have been added. You can add commentary in the field at the bottom of any entry. 


Discipline: History, Literature, Consumption Studies, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Childhood Studies, Religious Studies, Art History, Psychology

Subjects: Gift Giving, Santa, Decorations
Geography: US, Britain, New Zealand, Japan