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Good evening to all from H-Celebration.

Following books are available for review:

Queering Kansas city jazz scene: Gender, performance and the history of a scene by Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2018)

Performing propaganda: Musical life and culture in Paris, 1914-1918 by Rachel Moore (Woodbridge: Boydell Press, 2018)

Music in the American diasporic wedding by Inna Naroditskaya (Indiana University Press, 2019)

Composing the capital: Classical music in the neoliberal area by Marianna Ritchey (Chicago: Chicago University Press, 2019)

A song to save the Salish sea. Musical performance as environmental activism by Mark Pedelty (Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2016)

Please, express your interest on reviewing until the 31.08.2020 at vsirak@gmail.com with a short statement of the reason you are interested in reviewing the selected book and a short cv.

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