H-Celebration: Call for Bloggers

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H-Celebration is currently seeking subscribers interested in writing (guest blogs) for the network. Blogs should inform and address festive culture (festivals, celebrations, leisure, rituals, ceremonies, holidays, religion, and lore etc.), for example, early modern festivals, traditions and heritage, contemporary festivals, temporality and festive culture, engagement and participation, the impact of community festivals, family celebrations, religious festivals, ceremonies that celebrate particular events, or perhaps there's something else within this area of study you think our subscribers may find interesting.

Articles should be no longer than 1,000 words with strong scholarly writing and should employ effective use of evidence, objectivity, careful citation and the presence of a bibliography. Whilst this is a short-term arrangement we also encourage long-term projects for guest bloggers  interested in pursuing ongoing research.

Interested? Email us at h.cel.net@gmail.com: 100 word biography (included with published blogs), cv or resume, current research interests, no more than 250 word proposal. Please include when you anticipate sending your first draft. For guidelines on citation, images etc. visit this link.