Christmas in Japan: Globalization versus Localization

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H-Celebration is pleased to add to its growing collection of visual studies of celebrations the video ethnography "Christmas in Japan: Globalization versus Localization" by Junko Kimura and H-Celebration Advisory Board member Russell Belk. The study was originally published on DVD in the journal Consumption, Markets, and Culture, volume 8, no. 3, September 2005. Each printed issue of the journal came with a DVD inserted in its pages which contained videos, a photo essay, and a sound essay, accompanied by print material in the journal. In his introduction, journal editor A. Fuat Firat referred to the special issue of the journal as "The DVD Issue."  It was guest edited by Russell Belk and Robert V. Kozinets, who in their introduction referred to the issue as "The Resonant Representation Issue." Belk and Kimura have graciously agreed to allow H-Celebration to host this digital version of the original video ethnography here. We hope you'll find its take on globalizing Christmas still resonant, and its video ethnographic format a powerful form of academic publication whose viability is enhanced by open access online publishing. (Trust us: those DVD's from 2005 are not easy to find!)


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Christmas in Japan: Globalization versus Localization / System Administrator / September 3, 2017

The link below labeled "chistmasinjapan.pdf" will open a PDF of the short piece by Kimura and Belk originally printed in the Resonant Representations Issues of Consumption, Markets, and Culture to go along with the above video. It contains a short overview and partial transcripts of two of the interviews the researchers conducted, offering a lengthier look into the respondents thoughts.

Christmas in Japan / Patrick Cox, H-NET President-Elect and Editor / September 3, 2017





I watched your video a few days ago and I'm still thinking about it. Holiday traditions transformed in a globalized world to fit different culture's needs. It has me thinking about all kinds of invented and adapted traditions from around the world. Thanks for posting.