New Orleans Mardi Gras Walking Clubs February 28, 2017

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 "Walking Clubs" appear on Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans about 7:00 am.  They march in the Uptown area and then turn onto  St. Charles Avenue and proceed downtown. These are predominantly white male organizations. The Jefferson City Buzzards (named for a section of Uptown once called Jefferson City) began in 1890 and the Lyons Carnival Club began in 1946. Members wear costumes and carry canes decorated with flowers which they give out along the route.  They have music while they march, and they make frequent stops at homes and bars for beer.  Here are photos and music details on the 2017 Mardi Gras day activities of these two clubs.


The Lyons Carnival Club


The Lyons Carnival Club included The New Creations Brass Band who played Gershin's "Summertime."

The Band Members listed on their Facebook page (you can also view them playing on YouTube):  

Trumpets: Thomas Watson, Terry Gibson Jr.

Trombones: Royce Lockett, Ronald Lockett, Roy Lancaster

Saxophones: Kyle Gancayco, (Robert Ramson)

Snare Drum: Rahmaan "Rock" Nance, (Dudley Amerson, Phil Armand)

Bass Drum: Brandon Blouin, (Mark Cunningham)

Tuba: Wayne Harris IV, (Raynard Hockett, Terry Gibson Jr., Ronald Lockett)

Cowbell: Kenon Batiste




The Jefferson City Buzzards

Jefferson City Buzzards had one trumpet and one snare drum and a sound truck. The soundtruck played "The Buzzard Parade" which was written for the group by Armand Hug, pianist, in 1958. View Hug playing it online at



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