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Greetings from your H-Celebration book reviews editor! A short list of books to consider for reviewing is posted below. Please contact me at levitt.linda at gmail dot com if you are interested in reviewing. Many thanks.


Dying to eat: cross-cultural perspectives on food, death, and the afterlife, Candi K. Cann


Death rites and Hawaiian royalty: funerary practices in the Kamehameha and Kalākaua dynasties, 1819-1953, Ralph Thomas Kam


Votes for Women: Celebrating New York's Suffrage Centennial, Jennifer A. Lemak, Ashley Hopkins-Benton


The Sweetness of Life: Southern Planters at Home, Eugene D. Genovese


The centennial cure: commemoration, identity, and cultural capital in Nova Scotia during Canada's 1967 centennial celebrations, Meaghan Elizabeth Beaton

Coney Island: 150 Years of Rides, Fires, Floods, the Rich, the Poor and Finally Robert Moses, William J. Phalen

Displaying Time: The Many Temporalities of the Festival of India, Rebecca M. Brown

The Mouse and the Myth: Sacred Art and Secular Ritual of Disneyland, Dorene Koehler

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I am curious to know if a free copy of the book to be reviewed could be provided? Would we need to contact the publishing group for such an option?

These are books that publishers have sent to H-Net for review. You'll need to sign up as a book reviewers for H-Celebration on your member profile, then I will request that the book be mailed to you for review.