CFP: The Journal of Festive Studies

The Journal of Festive Studies, a new peer-reviewed journal published on H-Celebration, invites submissions for its first issue, scheduled for March 2018.

The journal’s stated aim is to draw together all academics who share an interest in festivities, including but not limited to holiday celebrations, family rituals, carnivals, religious feasts, processions and parades, and civic commemorations.

New Orleans Mardi Gras Walking Clubs February 28, 2017

 "Walking Clubs" appear on Mardi Gras Day in New Orleans about 7:00 am.  They march in the Uptown area and then turn onto  St. Charles Avenue and proceed downtown. These are predominantly white male organizations. The Jefferson City Buzzards (named for a section of Uptown once called Jefferson City) began in 1890 and the Lyons Carnival Club began in 1946.

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