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CfP - Special issue of the Journal of Festive Studies on "The Materiality of Festivity"

In previous issues, the Journal of Festive Studies explored the emerging academic sub-field of festive studies (broadly defined) and the politics of carnival. For this issue, we follow Peter-Paul Verbeek’s advice and look at “the things themselves,” i.e. at the material culture in which carnivals and other festivities are rooted (Verbeek, 2005).

H-Celebration: Collection of Reviews

Over the past 25 years, H-Net has published a number of reviews of academic books on celebration-related subjects. H-Celebration editors have collected a few of these reviews and posted them on the network for our subscribers. We will continue to look for more reviews and we will also use the information gathered from our survey to post content that is of interest to our subscribers.

Click here to view our collection of reviews https://networks.h-net.org/node/167585/pages/997832/collection-reviews

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