Query: Catholic Association,1820s

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I am rewriting a chapter on the Catholic Association of 1823-1829 (part of a book project on political mass organizations, c 1820-1850), and I am looking for accounts of the way the Catholic Association functioned on a local (parish) level. How exactly was the Catholic Rent levied by parish priests, how were simultaneous meetings and petitions organized, and what observations did local people (including local magistrates, protestant/catholic clergy, critics) make about the activities of the Catholic Association in the 1820s? There is some great literature on the Catholic Association, but so far I have hardly come across this local perspective. Does anyone know any relevant references in biographies, local histories, newspapers or novels that specifically relate to the 1820s? Also suggestions about new/upcoming scholarly work on the topic of the Catholic Association are welcome, I have not been in touch with people studying this topic so far. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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