Modern British History Reading Group

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The Modern British History Reading Group, formerly affiliated with the IHR, now run from King's College London and Cambridge, hosts three sessions each term to promote informal historical and methodological discussion around a theme arising from a short piece of set reading.

The group also invites experts from within and outside of academia to join in the discussions.

In a post-Covid world, we aim to promote interaction and build relationships by sharing knowledge and stimulating informed conversations.

Please find below our term card:

18 October - ENVIRONMENT - Making their own fun: children’s play in high-rise estates in Glasgow in the 1960s and 1970s, Dr Valerie Wright. Online.

15 November - EMOTIONS - Emotions, social practices and the changing composition of class, race and gender in the National Health Service, 1970-79: "Lively Discussions Ensued". Dr Jack Saunders. Online.

6 December - PUBLIC HISTORY - Christmas Sources: representations of Christmas at Churchill Archives Centre, Cambridge. In-person visit.

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