TOC: Church History, Vol. 90, Iss. 1

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Church History volume 90, issue 1 has published and is available on Cambridge Core.

Links below provide free access to individual articles on the publisher's website.

Muslims and Medieval Inquisitorial Thought: Nicolau Eymeric and His Contexts
Michael D. Bailey

John Wyclif and the Eucharistic Words of Institution: Context and Aftermath
Ian Christopher Levy

Revising the Supernatural: Prospero Lambertini's Reconsideration of the Concept of Miracle
Alessandro Laverda

Benjamin Franklin and the Reasonableness of Christianity
Kevin Slack

The Church of England and the Coronation Rite, 1761–1838
Nicholas Dixon

Christ as Yogi: The Jesus of Vivekananda and Modern Hinduism
David J. Neumann

Plus a forum on Jon Butler's God in Gotham: The Miracle of Religion in Modern Manhattan and fifty-seven book reviews