Parliament following election of 1774

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In regard to the Parliament of GB which met in consequence of the election of 1774, I'd like to find a breakdown of membership in the House of Lords--how many members inherited their seat (or inherited a title which made them eligible to a seat in the Lords), and how many members were eligible in consequence of their having received their seat (or a title which made them eligible to a seat in the Lords) from G-III or a prior monarch? I would be more interested in such a breakdown for all persons eligible to sit, as I would be interested in a breakdown in regard to just those who showed up and took their seats.

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I don't think this will provide all the answers you seek, but this book provides lots of information (including some statistics) on the 1774 Parliament: M.W. McCahill, The House of Lords in the Age of George III (1760-1811). You can also try looking at the Royal Kalendar almanac for 1773 and 1774 to compare the lists of peers. Both almanacs are available on ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online).