Visitors to UK in 2021

I am really hoping to do so! The pandemic lockdown has had a significant effect on my research program and conference travel. However, until there is a reliable treatment protocol and/or immunization possibilities, I doubt that the US population is going to be welcome overseas (sigh), and I won't be able to travel.
Linda Mitchell

I am certainly hoping to do so! A lot is going to depend on whether there are better Covid treatment protocols in place by 2021, or immunization is possible. But my hope is to be heading to the UK in 2021 because I have work to do!

There's so much up in the air. But if RSA does meet in Dublin in April, I imagine a bunch of early modernists will make their way over.

I am hoping to be able to do research in London but we’ll see.

At the moment, I can't see how that will be possible. But perhaps the fog will lift in January. That still won't be enough time for changed US policy to have substantial impact - vaccine or not. I would really like to go to RSA Dublin but, at this point, can't commit.

Maybe BATW 2021 in Plymouth? Even if USA Passport holders will be welcome by then, I'd have to be re-assured that flying across the ocean in a crowded tin can is relatively safe.

I was planning to come over in late spring summer 2021. Was.
Fingers very much crossed.

Is anyone thinking about the impact of flying on climate change? And experimenting with the alternatives?