Looking for National Archives document

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I'm a graduate student working on a database of the global arms trade in the 19th century. We have made extensive use of the CUST series in the National Archives at Kew. They have been a fantastic source. But it seems that the person who took photos for us ommitted 1821 and 1822, and these two years have become of great interest to my PI. We were planning on having a colleague go dig up the relevant years next time they were at Kew, but given the COVID lockdowns that's been delayed indefinitely.

Does anyone in the H-Albion community happen to have some images of the CUST series for 1821 and 1822, particularly pages on gunflints, gunpowder, guns, lead and shot, ordnance (brass and iron) and pistols?

I know this is a shot in the dark, but fingers crossed!