NACBS 2018 panel: First women lawyers in interwar England, pro bono legal advice, charity, politics

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Dear all,

I would like to put a panel together for this autumn’s NACBS, and I am looking for potential co-panellists.

My paper would be on the involvement of the first women solicitors and barristers in the provision of Poor Man’s Lawyer/pro bono legal aid and advice at settlement houses, youth clubs, churches, and with the main political parties in interwar England.  It could fit with a range of different types of paper – and I am very open to suggestions.  Gender is a particular rich and timely angle, with possibility of a panel looking at aspects of the impact of the Representation of the People Act 1918 and the Sex Discrimination (Removal) Act 1919, and the development of equal citizenship; there are plenty of cross-sections with the history of philanthropy and voluntary action, cross-class relationships, work and profession, as well as politics in a range of senses.  And of course others that I may not have thought of!

If this sounds like it could be of interest to you, please get in touch with me at