Transfers (Vol. 12, Issue 1)

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The latest issue of Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies has published! This issue focuses on unruly landscapes.


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Volume 12, Issue 1



Cotten Seiler


Special Section

Introduction — Unruly Landscapes: Mobility, Transience and Transformation

Margherita Cisani, Laura Lo Presti, Lynne Pearce, Giada Peterle, and Chiara Rabbiosi


Moving Beyond the Frame: Flows and Relations in Hybrid Body–Screen Lifeworlds

Carolyn Deby


East to West to South to North—and Back: Driving Landscapes as a Thuringian Long-Distance Trucker

Manuel Moser


Unruly Landscapes and the City of London: Mobility Studies, Street Photography, and Stephen McLaren’s The Crash

Susan P. Mains


Unruly Tramscapes: Literary Mobilities and 1930s London Tramway Closure Events

Jason Finch


Unruly Landscapes of a Diasporic Return: Mobility and Memory in Michèle Rakotoson’s Juillet au pays: Chroniques d’un retour à Madagascar (2007) - Open Access

Anna-Leena Toivanen


Appalachian Hikers’ Digital Journals: Collective Writing for an Unruly Landscape

David McLaughlin


Ideas in Motion

Anxious Mobilities: A Visual Inquiry into Pandemic Disruptions of Urban Railway Mobilities in Tokyo - Free Access until November 15, 2022

Christoph Schimkowsky


Book Reviews

Jonathan Leif Basilio, Melanie Bassett, Purbasha Das, Kavyta Kay, Dave McLaughlin, and Chigusa Yamaura


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