Sexism in the Academy: Call for Participants

Amanda Wray Discussion
Call for Participants: Survey and / Storytelling Project

This research aims to give voice to the diverse ways in which those working in academia experience and negotiate sexist, misogynist, patriarchal, and exclusionary practices in various academic contexts. We hope to better understand the evolving landscape of sexism as practiced in the academy including, but not limited to: Where do we experience sexism most commonly? What forms does it take? By whom? How can and do we “interrupt”?

We seek a diverse pool of participants from all disciplines who work and/or teach within any institution of higher education. Please consider completing the survey and sharing the survey URL with colleagues at other institutions. We have received IRB approval, and research participants will remain anonymous. We expect the survey to take approximately fifteen minutes of your time

The survey can be accessed here or by cutting and pasting this URL:

Those who are interested can opt in for a focus group to be held at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference in Milwaukee, WI November 2015. Note: The National Women’s Studies has not sponsored this research and is not affiliated with the research project.

If you have any questions or feedback on the design of our survey, please contact Amanda Wray at
Thank you.
Dr. Amanda Wray (University of North Carolina Asheville)
Dr. Erica Cirillo-McCarthy (Stanford University)
Dr. Elise Verzosa Hurley (Illinois State University)