Oral History & Digital Humanities Academy

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The Oral History & Digital Humanities Academy (ODA) is member of GIRES, the Global Institute for Research, Education and Scholarship

In a constantly changing (academic) world, GIRES highlights the significance of Oral History (OH) and its role in the shaping of Global History through the recollection of memories and stories of people in their own words and voices. We wish to actively engage in what we believe is our legacy to the next generations.

Advocate of (multi/trans) interdisciplinarity, GIRES believes that Digital Humanities (DH) should be an integral part of scholarship. The discipline, an intersection of digital technologies and humanities, offers the tools for a contemporary approaches of collaborative, interdisciplinary and computational research and teaching.

Our Academy is a unique institution where the two disciplines connect and collaborate under one flag, the ODA with a common cause: the support of interdisciplinary approaches to research and education. The academy teaches and trains scholars and enthousiasts from all over the world, in the crafts of Oral History and Digital Humanities aiming at connecting academia with society and sharing the tools, methods and techniques that will lead to innovative approaches to scholarship.

We welcome all opportunities to engage in a rich and constructive dialogue with scholars interested in the interconnected disciplines of Oral History and Digital Humanities. 

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Oral History & Digital Humanities Academy 

GIRES-Global Institute for Research Education & Scholarship (Amsterdam,the Netherlands)

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