ISO information about Pennsylvania-related oral history projects

Linda Shopes Discussion

For a revised version of my article, "Oral History," appearing in Pennsylvania: A History of the Commonwealth edited by Randall Miller and William Pencak (2002), I am in search of information about oral history projects related to Pennsylvania history and life developed since about 2000. I am interested in archival oral history projects, oral history interviews conducted as part of a personal or scholarly research project, and oral history used in a public history and/or civic context. I am casting a wide net, so interviewing projects, whether or not termed "oral history," are also of interest.

I am also interested in learning about published work and public history outcomes (exhibits, films, etc.) on Pennsylvania topics that draw extensively on oral history interviews, including interviews done prior to 2000 but put to use since then; likewise, creative, forensic, and medical/therapeutic uses of oral history broadly related to Pennsylvania history and culture; also more theoretical and methodological work in oral history with a Pennsylvania connection. 

What I am not interested in is work done by people in Pennsylvania that is not in some way related to Pennsylvania history and culture.    

If you have done or know of such work, please contact me directly at  Many thanks.  --Linda Shopes, independent historian and freelance editor