Interested in teaming up with other COVID-19 interview projects for OHA conference

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Dear OralHist members, I am currently engaged in a remote (phone/Zoom) oral history project that invites members of a defined community to reflect upon their pandemic experience thus far. Aspects of the project raise issues such as : the question of why people choose to participate and how that impetus both shapes the narrative and informs the level of access narrators allow or disallow for their narrative;  what participants get out of volunteering to participate in the community project; how narrators tend to position themselves in terms of race, class, ethnicity, and political affiliation as guiding principles for narrating their pandemic experience; how the focal points of stories shift over the course of the pandemic; the particular nature of the role of the interviewer in a remote project.  


I would be interested in hearing from others doing COVID-19 projects and/or community projects with the idea of grouping these for the upcoming OHA conference.  Please reply directly to


Thanks! Jane


Jane Collings, Ph.D.

Center for Oral History Research, UCLA Library Special Collections