Feb 18| Land Back! The Importance of Oral History in First Nation Land Claims Cases

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Feb. 18, 2021 | 6:10 - 7:30pm

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When: Thursday Feb 18th 6:10-7:30pm

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First Nations people have been fighting to protect their lands since first contact. From resistance to dispossession and displacement from our traditional territories, to contemporary struggles to protect the little bits of reserved lands we have left, the fight against settler state incursions continues. Until recently, Indigenous oral histories were deemed “hearsay” and not allowed as evidence in litigation. Now courts are struggling to understand the nature of oral narratives, how to evaluate them, the procedures associated with them, and the weight they should be given. This workshop will explore the role that Indigenous oral histories play in land claims cases from the perspective of a land claims researcher.

Winona Wheeler is an Associate Professor of Indigenous Studies at University of Saskatchewan, and a member of Fisher River Cree Nation.

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