Webinar: Remote Learning and Oral History in the Time of COVID - The Experience of Brooklyn College

Philip Napoli Discussion


Remote Learning and Oral History in the Time of COVID: The Experience of Brooklyn College

Date and Time:

Thursday, January 7, 1:00 pm EST




When the pandemic hit, Philip F. Napoli, associate professor and chair of the Brooklyn College Department of History, knew that this semester's oral history class was going to present unique challenges for both pedagogy and technical operation.

In this session, students Malkah Schack, Xander Raff, and professor Napoli discuss their experiences and lessons learned from a remote semester. Students learned about oral history and were responsible for conducting at least 7 hours of interviews with 5 unique narrators culminating in creating their own podcast episode. Xander explored mental health with veterans, and Malkah explored clothing as a form of resistance. They'll discuss the tools they used such as TheirStory for remote interviewing and transcription, PixStori for short-form testimonies combining image and sound, and Audacity and Garage Band for composition. They will also discuss lessons learned in remote interviewing.

The webinar will be facilitated by TheirStory's Founder & CEO, Zack Ellis.