Oral History Center Remote Interviewing Webinar

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The Oral History Center is hosting a Remote Interviewing Webinar:

Learn the ins-and-outs of remote interviewing and recording. 

In this UC Berkeley webinar, we will explore how to set up Zoom settings for remote recordings, how to record separate audio, and what to communicate to your narrator before the interview. This webinar will be lead by Paul Burnett who have been interviewing remotely during COVID-19. 

Friday, July 24, 10 a.m. Pacific Time. 

Please register in advance for this no-cost meeting.

Please contact Paul Burnett at pburnett@library.berkeley.edu with any questions.

Thank you for your patience as we finished up the recording of the Zoom Recording webinar.

Here is the link to the recording of the webinar from last Friday,


and another for the burned-in closed-captioned version:


You can also explore our other remote recording tips on our Related Resources page on the OHC website,


in particular our Remote Interviewing with Zoom protocols:


Check back every once in a while on our Related Resources page. We'll be updating it as we learn more about remote recording. If you learn about new possibilities, including issues with what we recommended, let me know.

Thank you all again very much for your participation.

Best of luck with your remote recording!