Vermont Folklife Center Listening in Place Project officially launches

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The Vermont Folklife Center announces the official launch of the Listening in Place Project.

Listening in Place focuses on two responses to the COVID-19 emergency: the creation of a crowd-sourced Sound Archive to document our daily experiences during the pandemic, and a series of online Virtual Story Circles, where Vermonters can gather remotely to listen and share during these challenging times.

Through these programs we seek ways to maintain our connections to one another when we most need them, engage with personal stories to strengthen our relationships, and create a record of what we are experiencing throughout the pandemic.

Details, including interviewing tips, audio advice, question prompts and submission forms available here:

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Foxfire also just launched a new "COVID-19 Oral History Project," which invites people from West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama to contribute interviews. The site include the project description and timeline as well as downloadable instructions, release forms, and additional info forms as PDFs:

At this point it looks like several students in my (now remote) ethnographic methods course may be interviewing someone about this, so I’m going to encourage them to submit them formally if their interviewee agrees. The project details include a good list of basic questions (whether or not people choose to participate in the public project).