Query: Oral history listening recommendation(s) for undergad oral history course

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For a group of thoughtful undergraduates taking Introduction to Oral History, I would appreciate recommendations of an oral history audio recording, in English, that elicits good conversations about the interview process. As a class, we have read about interviewing, talked about ethics and strategies, listened to several kinds of interviews, and identified some amazing archives that share life stories and/or more targeted oral narratives about a community, event, or project. Students have also conducted interviews of varying lengths. 

The class is at this point very curious to compare and contrast their own experiences with "professional" oral histories and memory projects. As young people often interviewing elders, they are particularly curious about interviews with real or perceived authority gaps. In this digital age, the possibilities are extensive, so if you have suggestions for particular interviews or collections that work well in the classroom, I would be grateful for advice. If people respond off-list, I can collect the answers and repost.

I am relatively new to this discussion group, so if there's a thread of suggestions that work in a classroom, thanks in advance for pointing it out.

Best, and thank you in advance for your suggestions.

Jordana Dym
Skidmore College

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