Routledge "Practicing Oral History" Series

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The Routledge book series Practicing Oral History is accepting proposals for new titles on applied oral history. Series editor Nancy MacKay will be at the Oral History Association conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, October 17-21, and happy to meet in person to discuss your book idea. Whether or not you are attending the OHA conference, contact for a detailed prospectus or to discuss your book project.

The series is devoted to applied oral history. Books should address one of three approaches to oral history: best practices for a specific stage or skill within the oral history life cycle, oral history adapted to a specific professional community, or using oral history to achieve a specific goal.


Practicing Oral History Among Refugees and Host Communities, Marella Hoffman, December 2019

Transcribing Oral History, Teresa Bergen, 2019

Practicing Oral History to Connect University to Community, Fawn Amber Montoya and Beverly Allen, 2018

Practicing Critical Oral History, Christine Lemley, 2017

Practicing Oral History to Improve Public Policies and Programs, Marella Hoffman, 2017

Curating Oral Histories, (2nd ed.,) Nancy MacKay, 2016

Practicing Oral History with Immigrant Narrators, Carol McKirdy, 2015

Practicing Oral History in Historical Organizations, Barbara W. Sommer, 2015

Story Bridges: Intergenerational Oral History Projects, Angela Zusman, 2010