Let's talk water! Using oral history to collect data about people and water(ways)

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Event: The Oral History Archives at Columbia University (535 West 114th Street, NYC)
On Wednesday, September 18, 2019 from 3 to 4:30pm, Butler Library 523, researchers Megan Bucknum and Jennifer Kitson (Rowan University's Department of Department of Geography, Planning and Sustainability) will present their research, "Watershed Storytelling: Experiential Tools for Connecting People, Place, and Water." They've traversed the Garden State asking New Jersey’s citizens, “What New Jersey water source is most meaningful to you?” 
Working with public libraries, the project experiments with ways of soliciting stories about water that diverge from traditional oral history practices. For this project, the act of listening publicly to stories about water were as important as telling a story about one's relationship to water. 

Join us for a conversation about meaning- and place-making in, with and around water. With Bucknum and Kitson, we'll scrutinize oral history methodology in order to move it forward as practice and as data generation.

This event is part of Columbia's Year of Water


For those of us who just can't get there, how can we hear more about this work? Heather Goodall, Uni Technology Sydney