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Hi all--

Any suggestions for desktop software that can facilitate keyword searches of multiple MS Word document files?

Looking for something other than the default OS search functions in Windows/Mac, and one that will allow us to define a set of documents (e.g. all documents in a directory, a set of highlighted docs, etc.) and allow keyword searching in them.

Cross platform (Win/Mac) would sure be swell too!

Thank you in advance!




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This might not be the most helpful answer, but I know that Adobe Acrobat Reader DC's advanced search allows users to search through folders of PDF documents. If you have the ability to convert your Word files to PDF in batches, that could be a realistic option. Alternatively, you could combine your word documents into one (or several) larger PDF, and then use that function. Sorry I don't have a better answer. Good luck!

Dear Andy,

I believe NVivo is the solution. I have been using this program for several years now. It not only facilitates keyword searches from multiple word and excel docs but also have great features such as coding (easy) to conduct a qualitative analysis. There is a 14 trial version for both mac and windows. Here's the link: you can also download a manual for easy navigation.

All the best,


Thank you for the suggestion! NVivo is something we've been looking at--I only wish it were not so expensive!