Spring Oral History Review posts on Oxford's blog

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Hello again from your friends at the Oral History Review blog. Now that the semester is winding down, we’re excited to give you an update about what we’ve been up to for the last few months.

We continued our series on oral history and social change, with a look at some LGBT focused oral history projects and a piece by Allison Corbett, where she responded to Dan Kerr’s article in OHR 43.2 by tracing the roots of her own radical oral history practice.

At the end of April we heard from Elizabeth Melton about how she uses oral history and performance to tell stories about her home town. In our most recent post we asked Katie Holmes to expand on the ideas she laid out in her OHR 44.1 article about reading emotion in oral history.

Keep an eye on the blog throughout the summer, as we bring you even more in depth interviews with OHR authors, introductions to oral history projects, and more!

Andrew Shaffer (awshaffer@wisc.edu) & Troy Reeves (troy.reeves@wisc.edu), The Oral History Review

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