Kotzebue Communities of Memory Project Jukebox

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Thanks to funding from the Alaska Humanities Forum, The Kotzebue Communities of Memory Project Jukebox is now live (www.jukebox.uaf.edu/comkotzebue). The project features highlights of the gathering that took place at the NANA Museum in Kotzebue from February 29 to March 2, 1996. People came together during these sessions to share stories and talk about their experiences with war, whether it was World War II, the Korean War, or the Vietnam Conflict. People described what it was like being in the military and then returning home, while others told stories about what it was like at home in Kotzebue during these wars. The original intent was to make these sessions public and it has taken over twenty years to make this a reality.  Many of the stories featured are extremely emotional, others are funny but all show the effects of war experiences to those who served in the field and to those left at home.


The Alaska Communities of Memory Project was a statewide effort from 1994-1996 funded by the Alaska Humanities Forum to provide an opportunity for people in communities around Alaska to share memories of their community and to reflect on what made their community special. These gatherings were held in BethelFairbanksHomerJuneau, Kenai-Soldotna, KotzebueNomeUnalaska, and Wasilla. Many of these can also be found on www.jukebox.uaf.edu, thanks to continued funding from the Alaska Humanities Forum.


For further information please contact Leslie McCartney, Curator of Oral History, University of Alaska Fairbanks, lmccartney@alaska.edu.