Digital Tools for Oral History Workshop

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We are excited to announce our 2018 offering in our advanced online oral history workshop series, Sharpen Your Skills: Advanced E-Workshops. “Digital Tools for Oral History” will focus on a selection of innovative options and applications available to the twenty-first century oral historian. BUIOH Director Stephen Sloan and Senior Editor/Collection Manager Steven Sielaff will discuss software and web platforms (most of which are free/open source!) that will enable you to accomplish and enhance your project goals of preservation, access, curation, and dissemination. This workshop is be a single three-hour session on May 23 from 10:00am to 1:00pm CDT and costs $75.

To register for this workshop, follow this link:

Is there any chance this might be recorded for viewing by people living in non-US time zones? I won't be very productive working between 1-4 am!

Hello Nikki,

All of our online e-workshops are recorded and provided afterwards to our participants through our cloud-based sharing platform, Box. Therefore if you can not make the live session for some reason the only thing you miss out on is the ability to ask questions during the Q&A portion (we always encourage post-workshop questions via e-mail however!).

Hope this helps,

Steven Sielaff
Senior Editor/Collection Manager - Baylor University Institute for Oral History