How to Post Content on H-OralHist

Steven Sielaff Discussion

Updated 9/2016


Our listserv/website has seen a quite a few changes these past years, so I wanted to share these two small guides for contributing content on H-OralHist. You must be signed into H-Net in order to post content. Also, please remember to provide a signature at the end of your content, and also an e-mail address if you would rather have respondents contact you directly than reply on the website. For more information on what is deemed appropriate content for H-OralHist, please see both the H-Net and H-OralHist bylaws.


Q: How do I post a new discussion?


A: On the home page, simply click the yellow button below our banner image labelled "Start a Discussion." You will be taken to a page to enter your discussion in a field similar to a forum thread. After you enter the text, please assign to your discussion adequate categories and tags. These fields suggest subjects as you type in them if you need help. Then click the blue "Preview" button to look over your submission before clicking the blue "Submit to Editor" button to send it along to the editorial team. The editor on duty will review the discussion submission and will either post it to the Commons, send it back to the author for more revisions, or reject it outright. If the submission requires more work or is rejected the author will be notified via e-mail.


Q: How do I reply to a discussion?


A: If you would like to reply to a discussion, simply navigate to the discussion page (accomplished by clicking the "Read More or Reply" link in discussion e-mails or the "Read More" link on the website). At the end of the initial post you will see a “Post a Reply” box where you can enter your submission. You also have the ability to add additional keywords or special formatting via editing tools similar to those listed above for posting a new discussion. Replies are sent through the same editorial process as discussion submissions.


If you have any further questions or difficulties please feel free to e-mail the current H-OralHist managing editor, Steven Sielaff, at