Oral History and Content Analysis

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Dear colleagues - 

I am wondering if anyone can recommend particularly thoughtful, critical, interesting work (published or not) using content analysis to work with oral histories. 

Thank you!

Amy Starecheski, PhD
Columbia Oral History MA Program  

Amy, I, too, have been interested in ways to analyze an oral history interview. I read accounts by scholars in other disciplines and tried to apply them to oral histories. In my book, RECORDING ORAL HISTORY (2015), I have a chapter on this and I analyze one oral history that I carried out. I direct the reader to other ways of doing this because I don't think there is only one way: a lot depends on the kind of interview you are working with. Valerie Yow

Thanks for this great question. I am interested, as well. I am looking forward to revisiting your book, Valerie, and would love to hear what responses you received. Amy, as well.