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I'm curious to know what books, articles, websites, etc. are you currently recommending to local, community-based people who are interested doing oral history and need a basic orientation to the practice - manuals and handbooks, and also exemplary publications and websites, more interpretive work, other useful materials.  I'm working on a list of these types of resorces. Thank you.  --Linda Shopes



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I have referred people to the resources at the Institute for Oral History at Baylor University, including their style guide and an article by Thomas Charlton on "How to Interview." Baylor also has a good style guide for editing.

I usually also tell them to review articles in the Oral History Review to see the many different techniques people are using. Another good training resource is with the Smithsonian Institution:

I have done some of my own research and summarizing on techniques/strategies for interviewing people with disabilities and am happy to share it.

I urge you to listen to yesterday's radio conversation, Sharing Black Family Histories, with Kelly Elaine Navies, oral historian at the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture, Brian Lehrer, and the people who called in:
WNYC-FM's Brian Lehrer Show (2/23/2023 ),

Kelly Elaine Navies gives really helpful strategies for eliciting family histories and doing oral histories in general. The entire program is deeply moving!

There is a transcript available, but the voices are so much better.

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My thanks to all who responded to my query. You have brought to my attention some materials that I did not know about, and I appreciate that. I hope others have found the information useful also. --Linda Shopes

Hello Linda-

So glad you received so man resources and ideas. It would be great if you could share a document, if you have one, with the listserv.

Thank you!

I appreciate the interest. However, the document in question is under development: it's incomplete, not comprehensive, and targeted to a specific audience, so probably best not to forward at this time. Once it's complete and okayed by those with whom I am working, I can forward. Of course, recommendations shared via H-Oralhist are available to all via this string of messages. --Linda Shopes

Hi Linda,

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